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How We Do IT

Our goals are the same: making sure your organization’s IT is operating at a level that is stress free while delivering beneficial results. Getting to know your organization is the first step in determining what works best for you. You will work closely with a project manager who will guide you through the process, while our personable experts work with your team to develop and implement a strategy that will leverage your business.

1. Account Management

Each client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager and Project Lead

2. Define Project

Project plans, deliverables, tasks, timeline, and resources are clearly defined

3. Kickoff Meeting

Kickoff meeting with client to review and solidify planning, visibility of details in client portal system, escalation process

4. Set Up Environment

Order and installation of equipment / software and execution of deliverables

5. Review Progress

Regular meeting with client to review progress and issues

6. Training

Train and/or mentor client and 5NINES staff

7. Handover

Handover to support and SLA activation

Managing your company’s IT is no small task especially when you have other things to worry about. We can make IT easy.  IT is what we do. In fact, nobody does IT better. We can assist in a number of areas.

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