Getting the job done takes a specialized and proven planning process. At 5NINES we use several methodologies to make sure your project is not just done well, but on time. Additionally, we are constantly evaluating and improving how we work. That is how we provide the best, most efficient service possible.

ITIL Process

A framework of best practices for delivering IT services.

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a library of volumes describing a framework of best practices for delivering IT services. The ITIL has gone through several revisions in its history and currently comprises five books, each covering various processes and stages of the IT service lifecycle.

The Agile Process

A team effort.

The Agile Method is a particular approach to project management that is utilized in software development. This method assists teams in responding to the unpredictability of constructing software. It uses incremental, iterative work sequences that are commonly known as sprints.


Using a waterfall model, progress flows from one phase of a project into another.

It is also referred to as a linear-sequential life cycle model. It is very simple to understand and use. In a waterfall model, each phase must be completed before the next phase can begin and there is no overlapping in the phases.

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